Teeth Whitening in Santa Ana

Discolored teeth can be a major problem to deal with if you’re self-conscious about the out-of-character shade. Luckily, there is teeth whitening – which is a tested-and-tried that is sure to produce results regardless of the severity and cause of the stains on your teeth. We have discussed below some of the most common procedures with the hope you will find one that suits your specific problem.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

There are several types and brands of teeth whitening toothpaste that can be obtained over the counter. These can be useful if the stains on your teeth are only on the surface such as those caused by coffee drinking and cigarette smoking.

Consider consulting a dentist before purchasing any product over the counter.

Use of gels and strips

Gels and strips are mostly peroxide based and work by dissolving the stain on and slightly under the surface of your teeth. Gels are smeared directly on your teeth using a small brush while strips, which are made of clear material, are placed carefully over the teeth and removed after 30 minutes. Both procedures should be repeated daily for at least one month.


Use of bleaching agents makes for one the most popular methods of teeth whitening. It is also the most effective and promises instant and longer lasting results.

Bleaching chemicals can only be applied by a qualified dentist as they pose the risk of corrosion on the enamel and irritation on gums.

Bleaching will work for the most stubborn and extensive staining on teeth.

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Where is teeth whitening performed?

Teeth whitening procedures are typically carried out at the dentist’s office in a single appointment. The time you spend at the office will be determined by the number of teeth that need whitened, the extent of the stain and the specific procedure used on you.

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