When it comes to replacing one or more permanent teeth, dental implants produce a result that is as close to your real teeth as you can get. A dental implant is a small metal post that is surgically placed into the jawbone, so it can take the place of your missing tooth’s roots.

Dental implants are strong, stable, and long lasting, and the best replacement for your natural teeth. Implants have been used for decades to replace one or more missing teeth with great success, giving you a similar look, feel, fit, and function as your natural teeth.

Although dental implants are designed to replace one tooth, Dr. Bhaswati Moulik, the Santa Ana Magic Smile implant specialist can place multiple implants along the jawbone to support bridgework or a full set of dentures to prevent them from moving or shifting around in your mouth.

How implants work

Implants comprise artificial roots made from biocompatible materials that fuse with the underlying jawbone to provide stable support for the replacement teeth mounted onto them. Through osseointegration, the bone grows around the implant and combines with it, resulting in an extremely strong bond.

Following the procedure, you should change your diet to soft and cold foods and warm soup to facilitate healing. Healing takes several months. During the healing process, Dr. Moulik will customize a new tooth or crown based on the size, shape, fit, and color of adjacent teeth to give you a uniform smile. When replacing multiple teeth, one implant may be used to support multiple bridges or dentures may be used.

For patients with unhealthy natural teeth or multiple missing teeth in an arch, Dr. Moulik may recommend implant placement to anchor bridges and dentures.

Are Dental Implants right for me?

Most patients with healthy gum and bone tissue are good candidates for dental implants. If you are interested in implants, you should discuss it with Dr. Moulik in Santa Ana. Please schedule your visit today.